Broadcasters are definitely professional voice users. In my experience of working with a few TV and radio presenters over the years, broadcasters are using their voices very intensively, sometimes under pressure, in challenging places and on unpredictable schedules. Their profession might include a lot of travel, lack of routine, long days and late nights. It is my opinion that when ‘performing’ vocal technique will often be better than how people use their voices during the down time when they might be tired, socialising. Considerations of both the work voice and the time off voice is important, it’s the same instrument.

Broadcasters need to be vocally fit but if they aren’t can they do their job with success and confidence? Unfortunately probably not. Prepare for how to optimise general health including how you sleep, eat, exercise and relax, to some degree these will all impact on optimal voice.

Manage any symptoms of acid reflux which might be evident if you are eating differently or at different times, late at night for example

Drink plenty of water whilst working and during off time, avoid caffeine just before broadcasting•

Acknowledge the impact that alcohol may have on your throat and voice

Prepare your environment, your studio or booth, your position on mic or camera. Face someone you’re interviewing to avoid voicing whist your neck is turned to the side•

Speak at your normal volume on mic and avoid working your voice hard and using too much volume, even if you’re in noisy surroundings

Take advantage of rest breaks.

Develop a vocal warm up and cool down routine and Vocal muscle stretch to avoid going from 0 to 100 and back to 0 without any preparation or re-set.

Treat your work as a vocal marathon and prepare accordingly. A few voice care strategies can go a long way to reduce the risk of developing a voice disorder or voice problems that threaten your ability to do your job.

Contact me if you would like further advice. I would recommend that anyone working as a broadcaster should have some sessions of vocal coaching.

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