Check the following before you carryout a video consultation
🔹 Everything you will need during the session is within arms reach (water, pens, paper, diagrams, documents open for sharing, equipment, glasses, diary etc).⁣
🔹 Your space is quiet and the risk of disturbance is minimal.⁣
🔹 The WiFi is working.⁣
🔹 Equipment test complete.⁣
🔹 Headset and Mic available. ⁣
🔹 Camera is eye level.⁣
🔹 The client has been prepped about video access and tips for optimising their set up and environment (refer to VoiceFit Infographic – download here)⁣
🔹 Your voice is strong and prepped. ⁣
🔹 Lighting is adequate and will stay that way throughout. Consider the natural light changing if your consultation is in the evening as the sun sets. ⁣
🔹 You are ready and start the video call or enter the waiting room at least five minutes before the start time so you are there when your clients joins you. ⁣

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