Speech and Language Therapy Services

Speech therapists have an important role in helping people with voice and upper airway disorders. TherapyΒ may include:

  • Helping you to understand what factors have contributed to your voice problem.
  • Giving you information and advice about your voice.
  • Suggesting things that you can do to improve your voice or reduce the impact that it is having.
  • Teaching you some therapy techniques and exercises to improve your voice. You will usually be asked to practice these regularly at home, a bit like physiotherapy for your voice.
  • Helping educate those around you (for example, your family, work or school, with your permission) about your voice condition and things that they can do to help.
  • Teaching you how to keep your voice healthy in the long-term.

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Clinical supervision

Supervision is a vital part of ongoing learning and development in the profession and all speech therapists are required to seek clinical supervision. VoiceFit has extensive experience of supervising therapists and provides bespoke supervision to voice and upper airway therapists and those interested in clinical reflection and learning from their own practise. For more information

Voice Skills Training for Therapists

VoiceFit also offers a range of different voice skills training opportunities including 1:1 sessions, groups training hours or days, live and online courses.

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