Speech Therapy Supervision

Are you are a speech therapist looking for clinical supervision specific to voice disorders?

I can provide you with:

  • prep and guidance for a voice job application or interview
  • clinical support through your voice therapy competencies
  • training to further your knowledge and skills in a particular area in voice therapy
  • case based discussions
  • 1:1 supervision on the telephone or via video call.

This time is for YOU and whatever your goals are for support, supervision or development, I will work with you to make the time as effective as possible. If you book a session you will be sent a form to complete asking about your voice experience, your current work role and what you’d like to achieve in supervision.


20 minutes: £25
Block of 4 x 20 minutes: £90
Block of 8 x 20 minutes: £150
30 minutes: £35
Block of 4 x 30 minutes: £130
Block of 8 x 30 minutes: £200
60 minutes: £55
Block of 4 x 60 minutes: £200
Block of 8 x 60 minutes: £370



Speech Therapy Student Supervision:

Are you a speech therapy student keen to learn more about voice?

Perhaps you’d like some extra voice therapy tuition before an exam?

Or perhaps you haven’t had a voice clinical placement but you’re keen on voice and would like to find out more?

I work with students 1:1 to provide them with voice support, knowledge and information to suit their individual needs. Get in touch to find out more.

60 minutes – £35



Voice Training Opportunities:

If you are an individual speech therapist or a group of speech therapists looking to extend your voice knowledge and skills, I offer various training options to suit your needs. Here are some examples:

VoiceFit services leaflet