Supervision and Training for Therapists and Students

Supervision and Training for Therapists and Students

Speech Therapist Supervision

Are you are a speech therapist looking for clinical supervision specific to voice disorders?

Or perhaps you are preparing for a voice job interview and you’d like some support or coaching?

Or maybe you are looking for support through your voice competencies?

Or do you just want to further your knowledge about a particular area in voice?

I provide 1:1 supervision on the telephone or via video call. 

This time is for YOU and whatever your goals are for support or supervision I will work with you to make the time as effective as possible. If you book a session you will be sent a form to complete asking about your voice experience, your current work role and what you’d like to achieve in supervision.

30 minutes – £35

60 minutes – £55


Speech Therapy Student Supervision:

Are you a speech therapy student keen to learn more about voice?

Perhaps you’d like some extra voice tuition before an exam?

Or perhaps you haven’t had a voice clinical placement but you’re keen on voice and would like to find out more?

Or are you preparing for your first job interview for a voice role?

I work with students 1:1 to provide them with voice support, knowledge and information to suit their individual needs. Get in touch to find out more.

60 minutes – £35


Voice Training Opportunities:

I can also provide specific voice therapy training sessions 1:1 or to a group of speech therapists. Examples of this include:

Half day: Paediatric voice therapy techniques

Full day: Back to basics – Voice therapy for adults

Please contact me to discuss this in more detail or to arrange specific training for you or your team.

Costs start at £40 per delegate for a half day.