Events & Courses

Events & Courses

Coming in 2021

Voice Skills Training for Speech & Language Therapists.

A 6 module online training course in voice assessment and therapy skills for speech and language therapists. This course in being developed to support and train speech therapists alongside completion of a set of voice knowledge and skills competencies. It is being designed to be completed alongside clinical working in voice.  The hope is that this training course will be ready for purchase towards the end of 2021. When purchased by a single user, all content and support will be provided by VoiceFit for up to 12 weeks from the purchase date and completion of the course will be required during that time. Please email for more information.


Voice Training Opportunities:

I can also provide specific voice therapy training sessions 1:1 or to a group of speech therapists. These session are bespoke but examples could include:

Half day: Paediatric voice therapy techniques

Full day: Back to basics – Voice therapy interventions for adults

Please contact me to discuss this in more detail or to arrange specific training for you or your team.

Costs start at £40 per delegate for a half day.


Previous Webinars

    Voice Care Training for Primary School Teachers

                                   This took place on Sunday 8th November 2020 

This event was a great success and i thoroughly enjoyed presenting to a group of primary school teachers. I presented about how to recognise the vocal risks and challenges in the teaching profession, how the normal voice works and practical tips for voice care and optimising voice quality in and out of the classroom. It was lovely to hear directly from teachers themselves about the specific challenges they face in different environments and to help educate and support one another.

If you missed out but are interested in attending another webinar in the future, please get in touch here